Thank you for your continued patronage of SHIRO.
To ensure you get the most out of our Hand Serum, we've transitioned the containers from bottles to tubes, starting 12 October 2023.
This new version is even more portable, seamlessly fitting into your daily routine.
Rest assured, our original 5 fragrances remain unchanged: Savon, White Lily, White Tea, Earl Grey, and Kinmokusei. There is no change in the ingredients or the texture of the product.
Your favorite fragrance, with an increased content volume, is introduced at a new price.
Please note that the current bottled Hand Serum will be discontinued once stock runs out.

■Before Renewal
Hand Serum (5 Fragrances) $31 / 30g
■After Renewal
Hand Serum (5 Fragrances) $41 / 55g

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※These products do not come in a box.


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