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INNER BALANCE FACE & BODY OIL: YOMOGI (mugwort) OIL promotes the cycle of the body and targets the whole body.

It is highly effective in protecting the skin. An oil that can care for the whole body, such as skin problems caused by hormonal imbalances, frictions, and dryness. It is also recommended to be used around the women’s private parts. Apply after the bath and gently massage the area around it. It is said this particular area absorbs the oil easier and faster compared to other areas in the body, so you can directly receive the power of Yomogi oil.

Fragrance: Sweetness of mandarin orange mixed with the gentle scent of mugwort and lavender.

Size: 50mL/1.7us fl oz

Utilizing it as a moisturizer for dry areas of the face and body, as well as a massage oil is highly recommended.


YOMOGI from Kamigori-cho, Ako-gun, Hyogo prefecture
Yomogi (mugwort) is known as a type of oriental herb in Japan.
It is popular among people who are concerned with blood circulation.
This Yomogi used within this oil is produced by “fresh farm OKUMOTO” in Hyogo prefecture. Their desire is to produce ingredients that are even safe for those who have eczema.

Way of extraction: Extracting by soaking dried Yomogi in the olive fruit oil.


The color of the oil has changed.
→Yomogi (mugwort) oil has the characteristic of changing color when exposed to light. Please keep it out of the sun when using it at home. Even with the change of color, you can still use it without any problems.