SHIRO offers skincare that utilizes the blessings of
natural ingredients to their fullest.
Using ingredients such as "Gagome Kombu" kelp, known for
its strong thickening and water retention properties, and
"Sake Kasu," which is rich in rice nutrients, will lead your skin
to be healthy and radiant.

Skin care starting with SHIRO


Natural blessings, carefully and in abundance.

SHIRO's skincare products are made with the lavish use of ingredients nurtured by harsh natural environments and with as few unnecessary ingredients as possible.
We have selected products that we recommend for first-time users of our skincare.


Select according to skin concerns

Our brand specialist has prepared simple steps that are easy to use based on your skin concerns.
You can choose the combinations and steps depending on your desired skin condition.
Those who already have a favorite product can elevate their skincare routine by incorporating
certain parts of the skincare recommendations.

Moisturize dull skin to make it soft and clear

Make the most of the popular Sake Kasu series

This skincare process utilizes the entire "Sake Kasu Series" to enhance the natural clarity and brightness of your skin.
Not only excellent absorption, but also you will notice that your skin retains moisture effectively, keeping it well-hydrated.
This skincare step is particularly beneficial when your skin feels fatigued, providing replenishment and a luxurious moisturized sensation.


Balances the moisture in dry skin, leaving it fresh

Thickened Gagome Kombu replenishes moisture

A skincare process that allows you to fully experience the moisturizing benefits of Gagome Kombu.
It enhances skin moisture and improves barrier function.
It is refreshing to use, yet provides moisture to the skin, making it ideal for those concerned about pores.


Supports skin sensitivity and fluxuation

A savior product that conditions fluctuating skin

This skincare process is designed not only to calm sensitive skin conditions but also to promote overall skin health and smoothness.
We are certain that it will become allies for those with sensitive skin.


Leads to resilient, moisturized skin

Premium oil to pamper tired skin

This skincare step combines the hydration of the Gagome Kombu, with a luxurious oil in serum packed with the power of various ingredients for an anti-aging skincare.
The fresh oil in serum and the water retention power of the Gagome Kombu hydrates the skin and give it a non-sticky feel.




Our natural-derived cleansing ingredients gently wash away impurities from the skin.
We provide a cold-process soap that preserves high-quality ingredients derived from natural materials, and a foaming face wash that delicately cleanses
the skin with its fine lather. Choose the option that best suits your lifestyle and addresses your skin concerns.


SHIRO's special serum is densely packed with simple yet potent ingredients. Its richness ensures noticeable effectiveness upon application.
By just adding one to your regular skincare routine, partially or fully on the face, brings you closer to achieving the skin you desire.


SHIRO's oils are distinguished by their rich individuality and harness the power of natural ingredients.
Examples include the oils from our Oil Collection, which are abundant in plant oils, and the Oil-in-Serum, which contains two layers of oil and extracts.
Select an oil that aligns with your preferred texture and addresses your specific skin concerns.


Creams lock moisture and beauty ingredients into the skin, protecting it from dryness and external stimuli.
SHIRO's face creams are designed for comfort, providing moisturization without feeling sticky.
Select a cream that best suits your preferences for moisture level and texture.


It effectively removes makeup and sebum, promoting clear skin.
SHIRO's unique ingredients gently eliminate impurities without burdening the skin unnecessarily.
Select the best product based on your daily makeup amount and desired skin outcome.


Incorporate one of these special care items to be a step closer to your ideal skin condition.
These are recommended for both daily skincare and special occasions.