Starting on June 2023, the Flaxseed Nail and the Kombu Mascara will be introducing new colors.

Flaxseed Nail is formulated with a base of flaxseed oil*1, which keeps your nails healthy and gently cares for your fingertips. Our beautiful colors and excellent quick-drying formula make it easy to enjoy simple single-color nail looks, layered nuances, or use as a point color in nail arrangements. The wide, round brush ensures even application across the nail.

$23/10mL (This product without Paper Box)


From the Kombu Mascara line, three new colors will be introduced with moisturising Gagome Kombu*2 and refreshing Yuzu*3 fragrance. This playful collection is designed to enhance your individuality and charm with a simple addition to your regular makeup routine.

$39/6g (This product without Paper Box)

 Create your own unique look freely combining the colors that catch your eye, and be lured by the dazzling sunshine.

*1 Flaxseed Oil / moisturizer *2 Gagome extract / moisturizing ingredient *3 Yuzu peel oil / fragrance excipient