Thank you for your continued patronage of SHIRO.

Due to the added restrictions by the International Fragrance Association on the ingredients used in scents, some of our current fragrance products*1 will be reformulated from September 2022.


About relevant products

Changes will be applied on the entire range of Savon and White Lily Fragrance series. Freesia Mist and Introduction from our SHIRO Perfume range are also included in the list.  

The composition of the current scents is not significant, and only some of the fragrances required by regulation will be changed.



The Savon and White Lily ranges are scheduled to be reformulated in September 2022.

SHIRO Perfumes Freesia Mist and Introduction are scheduled for reformulation after December 2022.

Following the new international regulations for fragrances, we would like to take this opportunity to enhance our fragrances even more and make them loved by more people. We will endeavor to deliver products which will please many customers and we look forward to your continued patronage of SHIRO.

* 1 An ingredient used in the target product (Lilial) has been reported have the potential for allergens. The limits on the amount that can be used have changed. To date, SHIRO has not received any case reports of health hazards caused by these fragrances in our products.
*2 Regarding the current mentioned fragrance products, we still have some stock that can be sold until the scheduled time for reformulation (September 2022 for Savon and White Lily).
Depending on the sales situation, some products may get discontinued at an earlier stage than the original scheduled time due to the high volume of sales and lack of stock availability.
At this stage, there are no changes in capacity, price or products in general that are due for the reformulation.