Our limited fragrance, PEONY, will be released on Friday, May 20, 2022. Available at SHIRO US Online Store.

A subtle sweet floral scent, balanced with the aroma of citrus fruits such as apple, yuzu and grapefruit.

The products are "Peony Eau de Parfum," which wraps you like a scented veil.

"Peony Room Fragrance" Instantly makes you envision walking through a spring flower garden.

And this year, we have created "Peony Hair Milk" that allows you to enjoy the scent even more whilst moisturizing your hair.

Start your day while being wrapped in a gorgeous scent. Like a peony with its supple and beautiful petals blooming in layers.

* As the stock is limited, sales will end when the stock runs out.

This product is without a Paper Box

Peony Eau De Parfum

$53/40mL (This product without Paper Box)
Grapefruit, apple, yuzu, etc. gentle and transparent floral essence.
A peony scent with fruity notes.

Peony Hair Milk

$44/80g (This product without Paper Box)
It is a haircare product that you can use before going out to start a refreshing day or before going to bed to relax.
KOMBU extract and botanical oil gives gloss and moisture to the hair.

Peony Room Fragrance

$97/200mL (This product without Paper Box)

You can enjoy the scent while relaxing at your leisure. It gently diffuses the fragrance in a large space such as the living room or the bedroom.