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HYDRATION FACE OIL: TAMANU OIL leads to a soft, moisturized, and firm skin by repetitive usage.

TAMANU OIL is rich in vitamin C, polyphenols, and tocotrienols, also known as super vitamin E, which helps to treat skin concerns that relate to aging. When the skin feels that it has less vitality, it is used as a savior for skin dullness caused by dryness and aging. Additionally, tamanu oil has the power to protect the skin from the sun.

Fragrance: Sweet and refreshing scent of bergamot and geranium.

Size: 30mL

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I feel that the texture seems a little harder, but it is not sticky and it makes my skin conditio...

I feel that the texture seems a little harder, but it is not sticky and it makes my skin condition better.

You can use this any time in your daily skincare routine. Please use it when desired.
・First step of skincare: Applying after a face wash will make the skin soft and boost the result of your skincare routine.
・Mix with a serum: By mixing with a serum, it will permeate better. A watery texture serum is recommended.
・As an oil face mask: This oil face mask is best to do whilst you are in the bathtub, in the steam. By spreading oil all over the face, you can enjoy a luxurious oil face mask.


TAMANU from Okinawa prefecture
In the tropical region, Tamanu has been used for keeping skin beautiful since the old days.
The Tamanu oil from Okinawa prefecture goes through many processes until extraction. By selecting beautiful kernels by hand, a fresh, golden oil can be extracted without any bitterness or impurities.
This Tamanu oil with high quality can be obtained thanks to our Tamanu producer, Mr. Usami.
Way of extraction: Extracting by squeezing the kernels.


The TAMANU OIL had solidified, is this okay?
→Tamanu oil becomes solid in cold environments or partially become crystallized. Although these conditions may be seen, there are no issues regarding the product.
If the whole product had solidified, please place this someplace warm and use it.
If you want to use the product as soon as possible, warm the bottle in your hands or place the bottle in warm water to liquefy.
If partial crystallization is seen, it will melt by body temperature when you take some of the product out. If the crystallization had settled, please shake before use.
※We highly recommend to store in a warm place in your house, such as the living room.