The Rawan Butterbur, cultivated at Toba Farm in Ashoro town, Hokkaido, is known as the largest butterbur in Japan, reaching up to 3 meters in height. Exclusive to Ashoro town, its significant feature is the water that overflows when cutting the stem.

Butterbur provides the skin moisturization and hydration with softly protecting the skin.

The Butterbur Lotion does not use water in its ingredients. It only uses extracted water from the butterbur.

It blends in smoothly with its light texture. It helps protect skin from irritants, soothing inflammations and deeply penetrates skin to boost hydration.

The product's color and scent may vary based on the year's harvest, a unique characteristic of using natural ingredients. We hope you enjoy the fragrance as well.

*1 Butterbur juice/ skin conditioning ingredient
※The color and fragrance might change depending on the harvest year, however, this does not affect the quality of the product.

Size: 120mL/4.1us fl oz
This product does not come in a box.
Please be aware that delivery of this product may be delayed.

Shake well before each use as the natural butterbur ingredients may partially separate over time. Once shaken, apply a coin-sized amount of lotion onto clean skin. Gently massage into face and any dry skin areas.
※Using this day and night, this product will last approximately 1 and a half months.

Butterbur: Butterbur is recognized as a natural antihistamine that helps prevent skin irritations and relieve inflamed skin. We extract and use the juice of a special type of butterbur called Rawan Butterbur as a substitute for water in certain skincare products. Sourced from Toba Farm in Hokkaido, our butterbur is especially suitable for sensitive skin.