SHIRO White Lily Fabric Softener Concentrated Type


Our fabric softener faintly scents your clothes to enjoy all day. Add delight to your laundry with the clean aroma of White Lily with notes of lilies and jasmine. 

Plant-derived softening ingredients make clothes fluffy and maintain water absorbency.
By smoothing the surface of the fabric, static electricity is less likely to occur, and dust and pollen are less likely to adhere to the clothes.

※The color of the liquid is whiter than the regular type, but there is no problem with the quality.

<Frequently Asked Questions>

Does the concentrated type have a stronger fragrance than the regular type?
→The fragrance has not been changed. 
The concentrated type made possible to make the product lasts longer since the amount of use for a time in fabric softener is decreased.

■Changes from regular type
Number of uses: Approximately 13 times → Approximately 20 times

※This Concentrated type is renewal type, released in 2021.
Please be aware that delivery of this product may be delayed.